HEAL Crewe

Healthy Eating/Active Living


Crewe  is Virginia’s first HEAL Community. But what does that mean? Evidence  suggests that a healthier community is a more desirable place to visit,  own a business, and raise a family. By becoming the first HEAL town in  Virginia, Crewe will be a leader in developing innovative ideas and  common sense solutions for providing healthy choices in Southern  Virginia.

In January 2013, Crewe Town Council established the  HEAL Taskforce, composed of community leaders & representatives of  local, health-focused businesses and organizations. The Taskforce is  charged with determining the healthy eating and active living needs of  the community and developing an action plan for providing Crewe with  healthy options.

Mission Statement
To  identify obstacles to providing healthy eating and active living  opportunities to residents and visitors, and proposing improvements for  long-term healthy lifestyles.

The  vision of the HEAL Taskforce is to create a healthier community that is  more desirable to visit, own or operate a business, and raise a family.

HEAL Goals:
1. Strengthen communication between community organizations, Town officials, and citizens

2. Engage citizens in taking advantage of current and establishing new opportunities

3. Work with local businesses and organizations to increase opportunity for healthy eating

4. Work with Town officials, local businesses, and community organizations to increase opportunity for active living

5.  Seek partnerships with local businesses, state agencies, and other key  stakeholders to provide healthy eating and active living opportunities  to our growing local workforce.

Our Partners
HEAL  Crewe truly is a community effort.  Our partners come from within the  town and extend to the county and Southside region, and include:

Town of Crewe
Crewe Police Department
Crewe-Burkeville Chamber of Commerce
Local businesses
Major employers
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Crewe Library
Piedmont Health Coalition
Crewe-Burkeville Youth Recreation Association

Get Involved!
In  order to be successful, we need input and ideas from the community.  Visit us online, attend a meeting, or simply email your thoughts and  suggestions. Tell us how you want to be involved.

Together we can make Crewe a physically and economically healthy community.

Learn More!
Crewe  is Virginia's first Healthy Eating/Active Living (HEAL) community, as  designated by the Institute for Public Health Innovation.

So what  does this mean?  It means that Citizens, leadership, and partner  businesses and organizations in Crewe have committed themselves to  reversing the trend of obesity prevalent in Southside Virginia by  educating each other on the healthy options available for our residents  and supporting internal change that promotes healthy lifestyles.

This  doesn't mean we're trying to ban trans fats or Big Gulps.  Instead of  promoting healthy change by limiting options, we're providing more  options--connecting citizens with opportunity.

Click on the downloads below to learn more about Crewe's pioneering efforts and the current state of health in our region.



HEAL Report 2013 (pdf)


HEAL Press Release (pdf)


HEAL resolution (pdf)