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Planning a trip to Crewe?  Or maybe you're just passing by.  Either way,  come visit with us, sit a spell or stay the night.  There's always  something to do in Crewe, and always something to see.  Become a part of  our community, if only for a day. You might enjoy it enough to stay a  little bit longer.

About Crewe

Brief History

The Norfolk & Western railroad pre-planned and built the Town of Crewe in 1888.  Named for the large railroad town of Crewe, England, it was designed first and foremost to support the operations of the N&W as a Divisional halfway point between Norfolk and Roanoke, Virginia.  The railroad repair facility's importance diminished sharply in the 1950s, as the switch to diesel-electric locomotives required less labor and equipment.

Since its early days, Crewe has seen a number of historical events and figures pass through.  William Hodges Mann, Governor of Virginia was president of the Bank of Crewe.  Baptist missionary Lottie Moon is found her final resting place in the Crewe cemetery.  From reconstruction to World War II to today and beyond, Crewe has had its share of events and eccentricities; but through it all, it has maintained its authentic down-home charm.

For more information on the history of Crewe, purchase A History of Crewe, VA from the Railroad Museum, or check out a copy from the Crewe Library. 


Adopted March 9, 2009
Designed by Lee Simmons
Graphically rendered by Jeff Martin

The logo begins at the bottom with the Town of Crewe’s established year of 1888.  The green pastureland signifies the town’s rural nature geographically.  The golden railroad tracks emphasize the prosperity that the railroad industry brought to the town.  The tracks are adjacent to two silver highways, Routes 360 and 460, that intersect near Crewe and are a major reason for the economic prosperity of the town today and into the future.  The highways also represent the convenience of travel to all major points north, south, east, and west.  The blue skyline of Crewe is diverse showing the spire of the municipal building, downtown buildings, a church steeple, single-family residences, and loblolly pines, all predominate in the true skyline of Crewe.  The text of the wording is italicized from right to left in a progressive fashion, which parallels the attitude of the leadership of the town.  All of the above features lead toward the brightly colored, golden sunshine that signifies the Town of Crewe’s bright future. 



Crewe's town slogan, "Welcome aboard," was adopted in 2013.  Acknowledging the importance of the railroad industry in Crewe's history while riding the tracks into the future, we welcome visitors families, businesses, and visitors old and new on our journey.


Things to Do

Crewe Railroad Museum


  Named the 2014 Best Railroad Museum by Virginia Living, The Crewe railroad Museum is a not-for-profit memorial to the many residents of Crewe and the surrounding areas that lived here and were employed by the N&W Railroad. It is staffed and managed by volunteers, some of whom are retired engineers, firemen, and conductors.  The Museum consists of a main building with similar construction as the original Crewe Passenger station. The building houses many artifacts, photos, and memorabilia, the majority of which has been donated by the residents of Crewe.  Outside, in a park like surrounding, there is a steam locomotive, diesel locomotive, several freight cars, a caboose, and the latest acquisition, a passenger coach that was used on the crack N&W Powhatan Arrow passenger trains of the Nineteen-Forties and Fifties. Many other artifacts are to be enjoyed as well.

Crewe Veterans' Memorial Park


Crewe Veterans' Memorial Park provides recreation opportunities that are open to the general public.  The park consists of three parts that provide citizens with various recreation and education opportunities.  The facilities include two volleyball courts, a fitness trail, gazebo, picnic tables, barbecue  pits, and the Crewe Railroad Museum.

The park was recently renamed to honor the men and women from Crewe who have served our nation, some of whom gave their lives in defense of the freedom and  prosperity we too often take for granted.  If you're in town, stop by  the Veterans' Memorial and reflect on the Town's heroes who never  returned.

WSVS Historic Radio Museum


WSVS is a historic radio station, built in 1947, that hosted some of the  most famous American Roots musicians in music history, including Flatt  & Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys. The station has been restored  and continues to host live music every Saturday at noon. Owners invite the  public to stop by before noon on Saturdays, have a picnic on our table  out front or in the grassy area out back, and experience how live music  is produced on the radio the same way it was 70 years ago.

Sailor's Creek Battlefield


 On April 6, 1865 cavalry under Phil Sheridan effectively cut off three corps of Lee's army, near Marshall's Crossroads while the Union Second and Sixth Corps approached from the east. In three distinct engagements, the Federals overwhelmed the defending Confederates, capturing 7,700 men and depriving Lee of roughly one-fourth of his army. Among the prisoners were six  Confederate generals including Richard S. Ewell, Joseph Kershaw, and Custis Lee, the commanding general's son. To President Jefferson Davis, Lee wrote, "a few more Sailor's Creeks and it will all be over." Lee surrendered three days later.  A number of sites highlight the various actions at the Hillsman Farm (which serves as the park's visitor center), Marshall's Crossroads, the Lockett Farm, and Double Bridges give the visitor an opportunity to explore the unique landscape of South Side Virginia.


High Bridge Trail State Park


 High Bridge Trail is 31miles long and ideally suited for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding. Once a rail bed, the trail is wide, level and generally flat. The trail’s finely crushed limestone surface and dimensions make it easy for  everyone to enjoy.  The park’s centerpiece is the majestic High Bridge, which is more than 2,400 feet long and 125 feet above the Appomattox River. It is the longest recreational bridge in Virginia and among the longest in the United States.  High Bridge is a Virginia Historic Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. High Bridge Trail is designated a National Recreation Trail recognizing exemplary trails of local and regional significance, connecting people to nature, to each other, and to our shared histories and cultures.  Bring plenty of drinking water because it's not available on the trail.




Th Town of Crewe is rich in local history. Crewe was originally pre-planned and built by  Norfolk and Western to support operations as a divisional halfway point  between Norfolk and Roanoke, Virginia. But  Crewe's history is not limited to the railroad. William Hodges Mann, the  46th Governor of Virginia was president of the Bank of Crewe. Baptist missionary Lottie Moon found her final resting place in the Crewe cemetery. From reconstruction to World War II to today, Crewe has had  its share of events and eccentricities. Throughout it all, Crewe has  maintained continuous government operations with a population under  3,000. 

Historians, Civil War buffs, and amateur genealogists are sure to find a teaure trove of information in the local library, the municipal cemetery, or just visiting with loal residents on the streets or in their shops.

Plan Your Visit


From Richmond:

Traveling west on Route 360 (Hull Street Road) take Route 49 South/Watsons Wood Road (Approximately 35 miles from 360/288 interchange). Travel 1.9 miles south on Route 49 to intersection with U.S. Route 460. Turn left on U.S. Route 460.

From the West:

From the Appomattox/Lynchburg/Roanoke area, follow U.S. Route 460 East until you enter the Town of Crewe.

From the South Boston/Danville area and points southwest:

Follow U.S. Route 360 East to Burkeville and continue onto U.S. Route 460 East to Town of Crewe.

Emergency Information

 While we hope your visit to Crewe is full of positive memories, we know that sometimes good experiences can turn into challenges.  Click below to download some important local businesses to assist you in these times.


Emergency Information

Crewe Emergency Information for Visitors (pdf)