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Business License Application (doc)


FOIA Rights and Responsibilities (pdf)


2018 CCR (pdf)


Crewe Emergency Information for Visitors (pdf)


Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (pdf)


Historic Minutes

The Town of Crewe has partnered with Virginia Tech to bring this historic collection online., showcasing the inner workings of local  government in a small Southern Virginia town.

Historians, political scientists, public administration scholars, and  researchers interested in both the logistics and the behaviors of rural  local government will find a wealth of information in this collection.  Readers can get first-hand accounts of how iconic moments in Virginia  history, like reconstruction, desegregation, and two world wars changed  local culture; how discussion unfolded over Mayor's courts and  state-vs-local authority, the roll of governance in economic  development, and the role of 21st century technology in government; or  how, despite nearly a century-and-a-half of debate, some issues like  loose dogs and backyard chickens still draw the most citizen engagement.  This collection provides context to understanding how one municipal  government operated and survived some of the nation's most turbulent  historical and cultural times.

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Past Meeting Recordings